Fast, effective and competitive...

Wadland Finance has credit lines with all of the leading finance companies, allowing for competitive and suitable finance solutions to be sourced when purchasing assets for any rural business. 

Flexibility is the key to our success in this highly competitive and volatile market. Placing deals with the most suitable and competitive lender we fulfil the requirements that are so important to our clients, also introducing dealers and manufacturers. We are fast, effective and competitive. Every customer is important to us, irrespective of the age or value of the asset. We also arrange funds for those who have had difficulties in the past. Make contact with us today.

Wadland Finance arranges finance for the usual tractors, combines, general machinery and vehicles as well as a diverse range of other assets; forestry, cars, horse lorries, veterinary equipment, sheds, milking parlours, dairy cattle………the list is endless!

"If you are buying new or used equipment of any kind, any where in the UK, we want to help you fund it’ AJ Wadland